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Though a great number of us spend our day typing away at a computer, and have an expectation of stability, how many know where to turn for PC support in case it doesn’t start up as usual.

For this reason, we started (PCSH). As can be imagined, there are a great number of PC support websites on the net, but most are not run by those who can backup their content via experience. It should be comforting to know that the administrators and contributors of this website have decades of combined PC support experience.

On our website, you will find specific-topic articles, such as technical support for How to Make Your Computer Faster, product reviews for devices like the Boxee Box by D-Link, or The Best Wireless Router for Home Use. We also have a glossary of computer and Internet terminology, video tutorials, and a FREE tech support service. All content is original and based on troubleshooting experience.

We wanted to provide the average user, as well as the online gamer and weekend warrior, ample knowledge to help them. For that gamer, we provide information on building a cheap gaming PC, we help users with setting up a secure wireless network, selecting a wireless printer, or wireless router, and give terminology to help all understand the various acronyms used in personal computing.

Though we have a fair amount of experience with all PC and Mac-related systems, our focus is on assisting those with Microsoft operating systems. You should find an answer herein regardless of which version of Windows you are running, for such roadblocks as Blue Screen Of Death scenarios, printer problems, security concerns, and other common computer problems.

The most disheartening aspect of computer problems is many just do not know where to start. Often, when asked what the problem is, most simply respond with a broad statement of…the computer won’t start, or my PC is slow. We find it more beneficial to first educate visitors on troubleshooting steps, to help find the exact cause of the problem.

Ideally, it would be great to have the solution to every problem spelled out, step-by-step. Unfortunately, there are so many, each having a varying degree of variables, that it is impossible to provide. If the informational provided on PCSH is not enough to help, hopefully you elect to use our FREE tech support service, and we will endeavor to identify and fix your computer problem.

Whether it be help with virus removal, basic computer repair, solving hard drive problems, we want to be looked upon as experts in our industry. Even though we do not offer hands-on support, you should find enough PC support information to help solve the riddle, or at least, narrow down the cause.

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